Hello world!

I am addicted to clipping recipes!! As a newly wed 20 years ago, we lived in a small sleepy university town in Pennsylvania. Food network and old magazines from the laundromat next door was a big source of entertainment for me, and I started writing down recipes in a green composition book from the dollar store. I still have that book – dog eared, coverless, and splattered – but I’ve graduated to taking pictures of recipes on my IPhone and making a thousand bookmarks on my computer. I have three kitchen drawers stuffed with cookbooks and clippings. Things are getting out of hand, I admit. This blog is an attempt to weed through all the recipes I have and document the successes.

I expect many of my stash of recipes will go in the trash without being tried and tested because I am trying to get my family to eat better. I will try to substitute clean, whole foods when possible and tweak them to accommodate the tastes of a teenager, an 8-year old, my husband and me. I will also try to give credit to the recipe source  wherever possible, but I have so many old ones that I may not be able to trace who submitted them.

I want to thank my family for tasting all the food I make and being honest about what works and what should not be on this blog.

A BIG THANK YOU to my very talented cousin Sunil for his sketch of the HOLY COW 🙂 All it took from me was a 2 minute description of what I wanted and he nailed it !!

I hope you enjoy this blog. I welcome feedback about how it turned out in your kitchen.



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