Homemade Chipotle-style Buffet and Tortilla Salad – Lots of Vegetarian Options

  Taco Salad Bowl

Are you tired of eating the same (or variations of the same) food at almost all social gatherings you go to? For us, it’s usually South Indian food – delicious most of the time – but there are only so many variations I can enjoy before it starts to get monotonous. I wanted a change for when we entertained over the holidays, and decided to do away with Indian food altogether, but we had to have something with similar spices & heat to meet the needs of the Indian palate. Mexican to the rescue!! (Or, at-least, the Americanized version of it :)). I wanted to keep the meal easy and informal, where guests could choose from a variety of items that did not require much attention once laid out. So, Chipotle-style it was.

I apologize for the low quality photos – I forgot to take them before my family arrived, and didn’t realize till I was setting the table. Plus, I had a very hungry mom-to-be hovering by the table, ready to eat and didn’t want to keep her waiting any longer. This will definitely feature again at my house, and I promise to take better photos and update here. In the meantime, you can see the almost-ready table pictures that were clicked by my then-9-year old.




(I fell in love with the Rooster as soon as I saw it at the store. Unfortunately, he had to go back because he was too big for the ledge I had planned on putting him on. At least I have a picture….)

This meal served about 15-20 people. The quantities can be scaled up or down based on the number of people you want to serve. Leftovers freeze well, and can be reheated for a quick meal later.

The menu included:

Baked Tortilla BowlsBaked tortilla bowls

Cilantro Lime RiceCilantro-lime rice (Vegetarian)

Black BeansBlack beans (Vegan)

Pinto BeansPinto beans (Vegan)

Tofu SofritosTofu Sofrito (Vegan)

Taco Chicken in Crock PotShredded Mexican Chicken

Corn & Pepper SaladCorn & Pepper Medley

Homemade SalsaHomemade Salsa


Shredded Lettuce


Diced jalapeno peppers, red onions, tomato


Shredded Mexican-blend cheese & Cilantro


Guacamole, Cheese & Sour Cream

Dessert was Eggless Arroz Con Leche – Mexican Rice Pudding. Creamy, and fragrant with cinnamon, it was delicious. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures, but will post them next time I make it.

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